Eventoria Luxembourg 2013

Eventoria 1

Yesterday I was with my colleagues from work at an event in Luxembourg called Eventoria, this is a trade show event, for all the marketers and event planners in Luxembourg to network with similar people in the same industry. The event was in the Parc Hotel in Dommeldange, just 5 minutes from home. Even though I always thought this venue was really old fashioned, I quite liked the inside of it. I never realized that the exterior or the hotel is pretty old, but in the interior it looks very modern since they have been doing renovation works lately.

The event was in a big room and the theme was “Circus”, it was nice to see some people dressed up like circus characters, as well as clowns and balloons everywhere. I was at the first conference called: Control and Optimize your event budget, it was given by Elling Hamso. The conference was OK however I was expecting more numbers or specific techniques, and it was more about general leanings on how to make sure your events teach something to people. After the conference was over, we had a little activity with some chairs, where we had to clap them and make music. Here is a picture from the Eventoria website, where I am sitting looking at the man clapping the chairs. Let’s see if you guess where I am =)

Eventoria 3

The rest of the time at the events, I collected some business cards and contacts for future events, even if now at work I don’t really do national events, but more international events, I never know when I will need them. I wish I could soon also organize events in Luxembourg, it is something I really love.

Among the stands there were some funny ones like some that organize team activities, others that rent a bus, or bikes for a day, some for catering, and another one of the night club Melusina. Here are some pictures of the event, you can also find them on the website of Eventoria www.eventoria.lu

Eventoria 1 Eventoria 2 Eventoria 4

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