My favorite dress!


I guess everybody has a favorite item in their own closet right? Today I will write about mine. My favorite item is a turquoise dress, I don’t really know why I like it so much, maybe is because it was a gift from my mother in law, maybe because it is turquoise which is one of my favorite colors, or maybe because it has some embroidery in many different colors that reminds me of Mexico? I dont really know it could be because all of those reasons, the point is that I have worn it so many times that it is almost getting broken =(.

I got this dress in June 2010, while I was studing in Lyon France as an erasmus student. I went to visit my husband’s family (back then he was only my boyfriend for 6 months =)) in Luxembourg and his mother came with this dress, she said she had seen it and thought of me, so she decided to buy it for me. At the moment it was a little big too big, so she measured me and did some arrangements with her sewing machine. That summer I wore that dress many days and one year later when I was going to get married I wore it again on our engagement pictures. And here it is: 12092011-_MG_6427 Do you share my taste? Do you think is pretty? or maybe is not so pretty as you were thinking ? Do you have a favorite dress?

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