Social Shopping – Polyvore

outfit polyvore 1

I started being really interested in this term and I began using Polyvore since I started working, as a tool to have planned what I will wear everyday, even if it is not meant to work for this, for me it is really hard to stand up everyday in the morning and try to make up the outfit of the day. Normally at 6:30 in the morning I have not a lot of motivation, I lack inspiration and all I want to do is go back to bed, so how am I suppose to choose a nice outfit in 5 minutes?? This was really not easy for me, this is why I felt i needed a way to organize my clothes virtually and have already predefined the outfits  I will wear with time ahead, maybe 1 week ahead or just whenever I have inspiration.

Another problem is that I feel that I don’t know anymore all the clothes I have, usually you remember only the latest clothes you bought, but you might have also some nice clothes bought last year that you don’t remember anymore of them because you don’t have time to see everything in the closet in 5 minutes in the morning. So why not have an online virtual closet? Where you can add all the clothes you remember you own and then just choose from them using filters for color, type, etc.? Planning outfits its much easier with this as well as planning new shopping lists =).

The best part about social shopping is that you can share your outfits with your friends or a community of people interested in clothes and see which ones are liked the most even before wearing them =). So instead of trying to make a decision on which outfit is better every morning in a few minutes, you can do this ahead sharing it with many people so whenever you decide you wear it you will be already sure and there will be no need to spend time thinking what matches with what and how to combine things.

Polyvore is a really cool website where I have found the solution to these need, I am not able to update it as often as I wish I would, but I try to add everytime I buy something to my collections there and plan outfits in advance, so whenever its time to wear something to work it is already prepared!

You can find some screenshots below:

shop polyvore nancykikuko

collections polyvore nancykikuko


Do you also like Polyvore ( ? Do you use any other social shopping application? What do you think about these idea? Is it too crazy?


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