Carnaval / Kavalkade in Diekirch

Kavalkade Luxembourg 2013

One of the traditions of Luxembourg is to celebrate the Carnaval or Kavalkade. It was the first time I was going to attend an event like these and I didn’t know what to expect.

The weather this year was really cold and there was a lot of people, however it was worth it because it is nice to see people dressed in very funny ways, drinking beers and eating sausages and having a good time.

I recommend it to anybody who wants to spend a Sunday watching different people, collecting candies, eating and having a nice time. You can watch this video on youtube:

I have added some pictures we took with some friends from Luxembourg, even if I don’t speak Luxembourgish yet, I can still have a nice time with them.

Kavalkade Luxembourg 2013 Kavalkade Luxembourg Kavalkade Luxembourg Kavalkade Luxembourg Kavalkade Luxembourg nancykikuko




Have you ever been to the kavalkade in Diekirch? What do you think?

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