Business idea: candy bars

Pop cakes nancykikuko

As  you might already know I like inventing new things all the time, I get bored easily so I need to have my creative mind occupied doing stuff that requires colors, handcrafts, imagination, etc.

Recently this year,I started to like baking, it all started on Valentine’s day 2012, when I wanted to surprise my husband with an original and different activity for this occasion without having to spend too much money. So I made some searching on Google for cup cakes recipes and I bought all the necessary items and ingredients. At the end we had fun backing together, we made strawberry, banana, chocolate and lemon cupcakes, but we had way too many , so I took them to the University and everyone loved them. Here I share a picture of them:

Valentines day cupcakes

Some months later I was helping some friends with their wedding and I needed to create some sweet finger food for the aperitif, so I discovered the pop cakes and I decided to try making them. Pop cakes are little cakes made usually in a form of a ball with a lolipop stick. They are normally covered up with melted chocolate, frosting and  decorated with sparkles. They are really common in the US, invented by the baker Bakarella. Below are some pictures of some cake pops I recently baked:

Pop cakes nancykikuko

Finally after baking this things I though why not helping friends with their parties offering candy bars which could include not only candies but also this?

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