Buying a car


Today the topic will not be fashion,, or photoshoots, or university.. Today it will be about CARS!! something kind of masculine  i will say, but it will come the day when we will need to buy one, so this week was the right time.

In Luxembourg, every year there is an AUTO FESTIVAL, the first time I heard this words, I was not really sure of what it meant, i though it was some kind of fair, or exposition about cars, so people could go and buy new cars…. But i was wrong.

The autofestival of Luxembourg is on the months of January and February and all the car agencies as well as banks give special promotions and discounts so people buy new cars. The banks as well give credits with really low interest rates to promote the car industry and the weekends are crowded of people buying cars. So practically all the anouncements, newpaper and magazines articles, publicity…. is about cars, so there is no way you will not buy one.

Some rumors say that this auto festival is after the month of december because people had a lot of accidents in the bad weather conditions of the past months, or they had accidents also after drinking from nthe christmas parties…….. so they need to get new cars, but nobody knows the real version.

Anyway as tipical luxemburgers my husband and me went to the “autodestival” to buy a new car, why not? If every one is buying new cars, us also. So the problem is that is not so easy to decide which car to buy, specially because girls like ine type of cars, and boys like other type of cars, so to make an agreement on which one to buy is quite hard. You eaither get divorced or you buy two cars, Just kidding!

So the options for us were more something small and nice, something for young people who don´t need to worry about kids, or big family responsabilities……. So we decided we wanted a Cabriolet or convertible car, and the options of brands were: AUDI, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Mazda.

The gallery shows the options of cars we had, all of them were really nice and for me they look the same, but the prices are what makes the difference, so if if was you, which one would you have bought?

Our options were

AUDI TT 2012  30, 000 Euro

Mazda MX5       30, 000 Euro

Mercedes Benz SKU  1000 000 Euro

BMW i dont remember but really expensive lol

So we found out that all of the cars specially the last ones were out of the budget and if we wanted to buy either the mazda or the Audi we needed to take a credit for 5 years which was not so nice, because probably before the 5 years we will have a new member on the family or simply we will want to change car. So out option was to buy a used one from 2011, 2010, 2009 or 2008 or even 2007. So the price was from 20%  to 50% cheaper for the same thing and same model, just with some kilometers. So this was the best option we found a Mazda Mx5 that looked new from 2008 for 12, 500 EURO. It was a really good deal i think and now we have a nice car, for less price.

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