Hearts and Roses Romantic Outfit!

Nancykikuko romantic outfit

I will like to share with you today on Valentine’s Day an outfit used on the photo shooting with Nicolas Saansonet i shared on the blog post : Photoshooting that I think is quite romantic because it mixes white, pink, roses and hearts. I guess if I will wear this to work everyone will laugh at me, is not really a usual outfit, but it is quite fun for a picture to share on Valentines day.

The white T-shirt with the pink heart is one of my favorite T-shirts, I am not so much a T-shirt person, but this one is looks quite nice with a pair of jeans and heals. The skirt normally I wear it for summer with a white top and some sandals or flats, and the shoes are one of my favorites, I bought them in Mexico and I used them for our wedding, I like that they are really comfortable!

I posted this outfit on Lookbook.nu and got so far 17 hypes and 1 heart! I feel happy that people liked it! Here it is:

Nancykikuko romantic outfit

What do you think about it? Do you have any special valentine’s day outfit? Do you have a romantic outfit? Let me know!

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