Affordable Design Furniture Store: Abitare

Abitare photo nancykikuko

Today I will write about another furniture store I found in Luxembourg, this one in comparison with the stores I wrote about in my last post: Cheap Furniture in Luxembourg, is more expensive, however it is worth the price, because the items sold have a more interesting design, and they are not all the same models, as in the other ones. Here you can find a lot of color, a lot of unique and creative ideas, and the quality is OK, it is not the best but it is better than the cheap furniture stores.

When I discovered this store I was really in love, I love things full of color that are unique, and this store had exactly that. I inmediately took all the catalogs home and started choosing our next shopping list =)!

Even though I wanted to buy everything, our budget didn’t allow us, so we only bought two things: a white bar and a dinning table. I believe both items where quite unique for a descent price. We spent in total for both around 800 EUR, which in Luxmbourg standards is quite cheap. I have posted some pictures of this items, the bad news, we had to wait 1 month for the table to be delivered =(!!! But waiting is was worth it =)

Do you know ABITARE? have you been there? Did you buy annything? Share your comments!

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