University life


Today i will speak about university, I am studying in the University of Luxembourg, a master´s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, this program is actually really good, better than I thought, but also requires a lot of time, almost 100% of my time, so when I am not shopping for furniture, painting or at photoshootings, I am in class.

I would saythat the most special characteristic about this program is the diversity of the people, my classmates are from all over the word and from all ages, so I can learn a lot about new cultures. My professors as well are from different nationalities and each week I have a different one teaching a new class, so this keeps you entretained the whole time.

Another asset is that we have a lot of good contacts, we have met a lot of owners of companies here in Luxembourg and important people that can helo us start our own business, this is really motivating because it make us feel like we are not alone.

So i would like to talk about one of my favorite classes so far, the class was Marketing, nothing special, but what made is special was the teacher. I think this teacher really knew how to brand himself and how to apply the marketing theories to everything in our life.

I attach a picture of him, and you will undestrand what I mean when I said he was completely different from what you would expect from a teacher.

In this class I learned about love, about giving to others and about some chineese or oriental culture. How to be a person who loves what you do and to have a good releationship with our clients if one day i open my own business.

This class showed me about the Ying Yang and to see marketing under a different aproach, that USB is not   but, that there are not only 4 P´s for the marketing mix, but 5, and that if you love someone you need to give without expecting anything in return.

I will always remember the day that the professor just decided to start dancing some African music in front of all the class inviting us also to dance, or when he started singing a song of good bye to all of us, all this things stay in the memory and are not only lessons of marketing, but lessons of life.

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