Thinking of business

Opening a new business in Luxembourg is not easy the more I learn about star ups in luxembourg the more impossible I see this and the more afraid I get, but i still ahve some hope, here I share some ideas about business I would like to start, I am open to your comments:

Body scanning

Body scanning is a new technology that can scan the body of a person in a 3D image and convert it in a digital form, so the people can try some different clothes and sizes on their virtual body without having to move.

 No won days, there is a need of saving time in Shopping new clothes, as well as being able to have the specific size needed in order to find  the perfect clothes for our bodies.

Virtual closet organizer

Web  platform that gives people advices of how to use their clothes more efficiently as well as tips of which clothes suites them the best.
Some things this program will allow users to do are the following
•Suggestion of type of clothes that suit you depending on the body
•Calendar with daily combinations
•Organized online closet were you can choose easily what to wear
•Comparison of prices
•Suggestions of what to buy
•Link to your favorite online stores
•Ability to see your friends closets
•Wishing list (from stores or friends closets)
•Weekly tips on image and health

Talking e-cards

Greeting cards made in an electronic way, in a website you will be able to create the greeting cards with the images and colors you want and a record a message with the microphone of your own computer. Afterwards we will produce this e-card and add a voice device and send it to the person you desire in paper.

Recipie-Supermarket order website

This website will allow you to upload all the ingredients you have on your refrigerator and mach them with possible recipies you can make. It also allows you to do the opposite select some recipies and it will tell you which ingredients you need to buy, giving you a shopping list and the option to shop online.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog called “My Life in Luxembourg” as you can see on the title, this blog was started with the purpose of helping people who are moving to Luxembourg like me and need to find a place to live, buy a car and in general adapt to the culture.

This blog is also to share my hobbies such as  handcrafts , fashion, photo-shootings, travelling, business ideas and any other ideas I could get. Finally I like the idea of keeping my friends and family updated with my life. If you wish to not now so much about my life and only know about my hobbies, specially party decorations you can visit my other blog called “The Froggy Frogs Party Design Blog

I hope you enjoy reading it and getting to know me better, please feel free to comment as much as you want and let me know your opinions. Enjoy reading!