To visit: Amazing Swimming Pool in Vianden

Vianden Castle

Vianden is a medieval city in the north est of Luxembourg, around 50KM from Luxembourg city. In this city there is the biggest castle in Luxembourg and one of the biggest castles in Europe. If you have not visited the Castle of Vianden I strongly recommend to visit it, the best time to visit would be in the city’s Medieval Festival, as there are some shows in the castle and the whole city is full of people dressed in a medieval style, markets, food and drinks. For more information you can visit the official website of the city here.

As I have visited the castle and the city many times, I wanted to try something new in the city, so we went to explore the swimming pool of the city, which is very nice. First of all this swimming pool is on top of a hill, just in front of the hill where the castle is, so you have an amazing view to the castle and the nature. Second of all it is very cheap, only 5 EUR entry for the whole day, you can stay until 8pm. And the 3rd option is that you have two pools, one for swimming laps, and other one for kids, so you don’t need to be worried about not being able to do swimming as a sport because of the kids, in any case, the pool is most of the time not so crowded, as the local people prefer to go the the lake in the north rather than to the pool, so most of the people that will be there are tourists mainly from The Netherlands.

So now your know, if you want to see Vianden from a different angle, you should try this pool. I am adding some pictures here:

Vianden Swimming Pool

Vianden Castle

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