Favorite Outfits for Fall via Pinterest

Fall outfit Leather + scarf + dress.

It is time for fall outfits! This year we were really lucky in Luxembourg because the summer has stayed longer, it is the end of September and we still have sun and warm days! That’s amazing!! Anyway, i think this miracle will not last so long, so I wanted to prepare for fall, and start checking some fall outfits for inspiration, I prefer to prepare my closet so when it starts to be colder and the rain comes, I already have in mind what to wear.

I found really nice inspirational picture on Pinterest, I like more and more Pinterest these days, maybe even more that Lookbook.nu, becaue the outfits are more classy and traditional, and this is closer to what I will wear. Sometimes in Lookbook.nu you find things that look good on the models, because they are supper pretty and tall, but are not always the best to wear on a normal working day, or, you can also find outfits that are too extravagant or creative, but you cannot apply them to you because you will look ridiculous. Anyway, this is what inspired me, I hope it inspires you too! If you wish to see more fall outfits pictures you can check my Pinterst board here.

Practically what I found is more usual for fall outfits are brown leather boots, leggins or skinny jeans, scarfs, jens shirts, long sweaters or cardigans, and tights! I like these season because it is cold enought to wear tights and scarfs, but not cold enough to be covered with big jackets or coats as it is in Winter! I hope you enjoy it!

Black leggings, scarf, sweater adorable winter outfits. . . to see more click on pic  Oh when will it be Fall?  Fall Outfit With Skirt and Double Coat Fall outfit Leather + scarf + dress. emerald pants for fall/bulls  perfect fall outfit Winter fashion clothes with white sweater . . . click on pic to see more Perfect fall outfit Perfect Ladies Fall Outfit Click for more

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