Miss Grand Region Luxembourg

Miss Luxembourg 2011Hi, I received an invitation to attend a beauty contest and “fashion runway” in Luxembourg that is called “Mr and Miss Grand Region”. This is an event done every year where the most handsome man and woman of Luxembourg and the border cities. There are some sponsors that make this event happen and one of ly friends was in this competition; she actually won a price; I was very happy for her.

I really liked the scenery that was used in these runway, I got the contact details of the suppliers that were present such as the DJ, the ilumination and lights and the runway hall. I would love to one day be able to orginize again some events like these, like I use to do in Mexico city, I don’t know if this will be possible in Luxembourg, but at least I already have some contacts and who knows when I could need them =).

You can see some pictures of the event here:

CIMG5726 CIMG5741 in Miss Luxembourg

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