Finding our own place in Luxembourg

After almost 4 months of looking for an appartment finally we got one in Luxembourg city, and we are really happy, but first i will write about the difficuilt process of finding an appartment in Luxembourg.

So first of all in order to be able to rent an appartment you need to contact an agency and pay the agency 1 month of rent.

Second the rents of the appartments are crazy expensive, for 40m2 the approximate price its about 900 to 1100 Euro per month, and additional to this you need to pay “charges” monthly with its about 100 to 200 Euros extra per month, so this increases the rents. If you dont want to spend so much money then you could only rent a studio, which its just one room, and its usually between 15 to 25m2 and the price is just decreasing to 600 to 800 Euro per month.

So finally after knowing all this prices, we decided we still wanted to have our own appartment and we will pay the price. So the first appartment we liked was 925 Euro + 150 Euro with charges, so we were really happy thinking that after visiting it we would just had to say I LIKE IT, and we will get it……………………….. but here its not like this!!!! In order to have the appartment you want, you need to compete against all the other people who also want that appartment writting like a CV, they call it “dossier de candidature” in which you explain who you are, were you work and how much money you have……… and after they recieve this info then they decide over all the candidates who gets the appartment.

So as you could see, we didnt got that appartment, because Eric and me, were just arriving to Luxembourg and Eric had not yet an attractive work contract in his job that could impress the owner of the apaprtment.

So our reasearch went over like this, we were liking an appartment, sent our papers, and then they will say no, we gave it to someone else……….. so being a little bit desperate, we decided to jsut buy an appartment rather than rent, maybe it will be easier.

So buying……………… A lot more complicated!!!! There is a lot of demand for appartments in luxembourg, and if you want to buy a new appartment like us, then you have to wait some monhts mayeb 12 maybe 36, until they build them, so like 80% of the sales are only on the plans……….. so by the time we will get the appartment probably we will be in back in Mexico lol

So finally the 5th of october a MIRACLE happened, an owner said YES you can rent my appartment and we have a home now =).. we couldnt believe it, after getting used to all the NO´s we got it sounded strange to hear a YES and to know that in some days we will leave Erics parents house, and his sister´s room and have our own place