Cheap Furniture in Luxembourg

Furnishing the appartment was not as easy as it seams……….First of all in Luxembourg there are not a lot of stores that have affordable furniture prices for students or couples that just arrived to the city and had to give 3 months of rent deposit, so there is not a lot of money left for furniture.We foudn only 4 stores that had cheap furniture: Roller, Conforama, Mobel Alvisse, Ikea (in Belgium border, next to Arlon) and Meuble Marting (in the German border, next to Trier). So if we compare this with Mexico, is a big difference. In Mexico city we have a huge variety of stores to buy furniture and the prices are a lot lower, however we had to stay with our 4 options so we went to this 4 stores, and surprisingly at least 3 of them had the same exact things but with different prices, it is amazing that there was not a big variety, just the same designs and brands, so obviously we bought our things on the one with the cheapest prices, and this was ConforaMa.

Another big difference with Mexico is the time of delivery, I was amazed by how lot it takes for some furniture to be delivered, if you want something in a specific color, then you have to wait up to 4 months to get it. It´s crazy, by the time they deliver it maybe you already moved to another house!!!!

At the end we decided to buy only the bedroom furniture and the sofa, you can see on the pictures attached and we are still waiting since the 15th of october for it to be delivered, its beene 4 weeks!!!

I hope this information is usefull if one day you want to come to luxembourg and buy furniture, remember buy in Conforama and dont wait more than 1 month for your stuff!