My TOP 5 Favorite Shops in Antwerp

My Top 5 Favorite Shops in Anwerp

1. Hopland 14

Hopland 14

These shop has a mix of designer brands like Kenzo, Chiara Ferragni,Tory Burch, etc. The selected products in this shop are very colorful, fun and fashion. The staff are super friendly and helpful. This is definitely the best shop for me in Antwerp


2. Essentiel Antwerp

Essentiel Anwerp Store

Essentiel Antwerp is a local designer’s shop with a lot of unique Belgium designed pieces. The quality of the clothes is very good and the collections are amazing. You can also visit their outlet with older collections and get very good discounts.

essentiel anwerp shop

3. Clouds of Fashion

Clouds of Fashion Store

Clouds of Fashion is a beautiful shop, I fell in love since the moment I saw the window display from the street and it just got better from the moment I entered the shop. Everything is very girly, pink and minimalistic. They sell beautiful clothes and accessories specially chosen for you.

Clouds of Fashion Store

Clouds of Fashion store

4. Jutka & Riska

Jutka & Riska shopJutka & Riska is a shop with a lot of second hand and vintage clothes and furniture. Here you can find very nice unique vintage pieces for a very good price, I specially liked the jewelry and accessories.

Jutka and Riska Store

5. The Shop

The Shop LogoThe Shop is the real name of this store, which is a very small store but with a good variety of beautiful articles. Here you can find very nice and affordable accessories and a few pieces of clothes like cardigans. Mostly I liked their hats, scarves, watches, jewelry and sunglasses. The customer service is great we got very nice postcards and good service in general.

the shops store

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