White Dinner Luxembourg 2015

white dinner luxembourgThis year we have been very lucky, summer has been great, with many sunny days and high temperature. I cannot believe that summer in Luxembourg has been warmer than summer in Mexico. In these warm sunny days, I see that people tend to be happier and spend more time oudoors. Barbeques and picnics are very usual at this time of the year in Luxembourg and among them, we have a misterious event called: “White Dinner”.

The White Dinner consists in gathering people to come and have a fancy picnic dressed in white in a secret spot in the city. I have been to this event twice and I love it. The only difficuilt part of it is that the location for the picnic is secret until the last moment, so only a few persons receive an official invitation and should spread the word to their friends.

2 years ago the white dinner was in a beautiful park next to Boulevard Royal and this year it was in Kirchberg in front of the new museum “Trois Glands”. Here are some pictures of the white dinner of this year, enjoy!

white dinner 2015white dinner luxembourg

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