Dog Christmas Photoshooting @ Castle Wiltz

Baillie Border collie in winterTo do a photoshooting with a dog is much more difficuilt that it seems, as you could see on my previous post, I tried to take some Christmas family pictures with my husband and my dog Baillie; however this was almost imposible, as the only decent picture I could get with the 3 of us is from behind and far away.

So to be able to get some decent pictures, I decided to ask a colleague from work to help us a bit with this photoshooting, I have to saw that he is extreamely talented and does some amazing pictures, specially of the landscapes, nature, etc. After seeing some of his amazing pictures I had to ask him to please take some pictures of our little dog and us, and of course he did a great job. You can see below some of the pictures:

Baillie Stracciatella Baillie Border Collie Baillie Border collie snow Baillie Border Collie jumping Baillie Border collie in winter

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