Christmas 2012 Photoshooting

Nancykikuko Christmas in Luxembourg

The Christmas of December 2012, was the first year that I didn’t spend it in Mexico, this was really strange for me, since I am used to celebrating for many days these special holidays with the “posadas”, big family reunions, lot’s of christmas gifts exchanges with friends, etc. In Luxembourg I have to say that it is very different, even if it is nice to have snow, christmas markets, hot wine and other things, when it comes to party, people and family, it is not the same thing.

We decided to make some postal cards with a picture of us in our flat, to share with my family and friends in Mexico, so they could see how we are at least in a picture, our home and our happiness =). It would have been better to get a professional photographer to do it, but since we were short in budget, we decided to do it on our own and test my photography skills =0!! And here is the result, I hope you enjoy! Nancykikuko Christmas in Luxembourg Christmas in Luxembourg nancykikuko Christmas in Luxembourg Christmas in Luxembourg 2012

Have you ever done something similar? Do you like taking Christmas family pictures? Do you have any advice of how to do it better?

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