August – Painting month

Hello friends, so this month I had not a lot of activities to do, since my husband is working all day in Luxembourg city, and i am currently living in Wiltz, located in the north of the country, I had to invent a new activity that will keep me occupied all day to survive being in the house LOL.

So everything started one day when i was helping my mother in law (mutti) to make the weekly grocery shopping, we went to ALDI which its a really cheap store here in Europe and you find sometimes really cheap objects, so today was the case, we saw the were selling the materials for painting, everything was 5 Euro, so I thought… Mmm I dontk know how to paint, but maybe i should but it and take some painting courses, and there I was buying 10 painting kits, having the ilusion to take painting classes and become a painter.

After some days of investigasting the prrices of the painting lessons, I found out that they were really expensive, like 1 day 100 Euros so I decided just to paint without classes and here is the result.

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  1. Your paints are really amazing, to be first time in your life are awesome, keep doing, you are such talented girl. BTW my english sucks 😛

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