Hello world!

Welcome to my blog called “My Life in Luxembourg” as you can see on the title, this blog was started with the purpose of helping people who are moving to Luxembourg like me and need to find a place to live, buy a car and in general adapt to the culture.

This blog is also to share my hobbies such as  handcrafts , fashion, photo-shootings, travelling, business ideas and any other ideas I could get. Finally I like the idea of keeping my friends and family updated with my life. If you wish to not now so much about my life and only know about my hobbies, specially party decorations you can visit my other blog called “The Froggy Frogs Party Design Blog

I hope you enjoy reading it and getting to know me better, please feel free to comment as much as you want and let me know your opinions. Enjoy reading!


Casual Summer Outfit

Today is summer in Luxembourg!

I decided to wear a casual but romantic outfit that includes a strapless flowers top, baby pink flats with a lace flower and jeans shorts. I hope you like it, I know it is not elegant but its ok for a casual summer day =)

casual summer nancykikuko